Curtain Wall/External Cladding

Custom made curtain wall & External Cladding System

We provide the following services in the field of custom made curtain wall & external cladding system,

  • Creation of fabrication drawings for the following products based on detail shop drawings,
    • Extruded aluminum parts (gutter, sill, intermediate horizontals, vertical mullion etc.)
    • Alum panels, coping, flashing, back pans, angles
    • Steel angles, panels
    • Glasses, stones etc.
  • Creation of assembly tag drawings and bill of material
  • Creation of unit plans, anchor plans, embed plans etc.
  • Creation of 3D parametric models of unitized curtain‐wall
  • Checking collision detection using the 3D models and making mock‐up assembly, floor and building assemblies using each unit model
  • Auto Generating B.O.M in spreadsheet format for the entire project using the 3D assemblies